Eduardo Beber

Anonymous: Hey, first of all, you seem like a beautiful person, cute and also funny, and I hope you don´t think my question is strange or derogative in any way, because I am just curios! Because I saw photos of you in kinda feminine clothing and I just wanted to know what it is about? I think it´s really hot btw, love you <3

First of all thank you, you are so sweet ! Well, I don’t know exactly why but when I dress like woman is always with my friends, to go party or whateves.. and of course sometimes when Im alone I put some make up on, my wig just because I need to take a selfie and feel like a slut lol but really think its about to have fun and laugh with my friends and see how the people get confused. some time I want to be a hot bitch girl and some time a hot boy. (my english sucks sorry)